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Installing your Lightning Connector


If you have a first-edition Venus, the 30-pin charger is fixed with adhesive and you will have to remove the retaining plug before installing the lightning adapter. This is best accomplished with a few firm twist with a pair of pliers. Don't worry, Venus is very sturdy, give the plug a firm caveman twist until you free it.

All second edition Venuses ship with the snap-in 30 pin charger, this is easily removed by pinching the wings of the adapter from the inside of Venus. The adapater will then pull out the front and you will be ready to install the lightning connector.



To fit your lightning connector into Venus, you first need to fit it into the clip-in adapter. Grab your adapter and open in it by pushing a pencil or pen into the hole in the front to separate the top and bottom halves.

1) Take the half with the posts sticking up in the body, and place the top of your lighting connector at the front of the adapter. It should fit nicely into the slot at the wide end of the adapter. Next, take the cable and bring it straight back and around the furthest post. Bring it back forward and wrap in around the front post, and then position it out the back of the connector. The S shape of the cable around the posts will keep it secure when your iPad is removed.


2) Now make sure the cable is pushed in securely and snap the top of the adapter on. Push the top and bottom together firmly until the latch at the back snaps together. 

Now route the USB end of the cable through the front of Venus and pull it through until you the adapter gets to the connector space. Push the back end of the adapter into Venus and through until is snaps into place. You can confirm that it is pushed in by looking at the adpater from the underside of Venus. Remember, the lightning connector has not top or bottom, so the adapter can go in either way.