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Eaton-Houdon Ecorche

$295.00 USD

Antoine Houdon's classic L'Écorché updated for the 21st century. 

The original L'Écorché is an elegant anatomy study that has been used to educate artists for centuries. Though undeniably beautiful, the piece has a handful of anatomical inaccuracies that have long been acknowledged by anatomy experts.

The Eaton-Houdon Ecorche is updated version of the original which corrects these mistakes and restores the fine details that have been lost through centuries of recasting. The revisions were done by Scott Eaton, sculptor and renowned anatomy instructor, building on a 3d scan of a plaster cast from the original piece. This updated sculpture, produced in collaboration with legendary character artist Michael Defeo for the anatomy reference app, L'Ecorche (available on iOS and Android devices), is now available as a beautiful desktop sculpture for the first time.

"I've seen many beautiful ecorche and anatomical sculpture studies available to the artist for reference, but this is the finest yet.
- Jordu Schell, sculptor

HEIGHT: 18" (20" with base)
MATERIAL: Resin, with removable magnetic arms.




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